SP Foundry has the capabilities to produce different types of cores weighing anywhere from ounces to hundreds of pounds. Our core production capacity has been strategically matched to our molding capacity to insure a seamless throughput of cores to each of our molding lines.

Core Making Capabilities
  • (5) B & P – CB1O, CB15, CB18 lsocure core blowers
  • (2) Shalco – U180 Shell Core machine
  • (2) B & P – SF6 Shell core machine
  • (1) GK – Compaction table with Airset loop

Mold & Melt

SP Foundry produces castings weighing from a few lbs up to 2000 lbs. We utilize greensand cope and drag molding according to the following size and mold capacities

Mold Making Capabilities
  • (1) Green Sand automated index line
    • 28” X 40”, 14”/14” Flasks
    • Weight Parameters – 25-250 lbs
  • (1) Green Sand automated index line
    • 44” x 56”, 22”/22” Flasks
    • 250 Lbs up to 1250 Lbs for CGI, DI, & ADI
    • 250 Lbs up to 2000 Lbs. for CI
Melt Making Capabilities
  • (2) Brown Boveri – IT6 9·ton holder, 6000 kW Coreless induction furnace.
To meet our customer’s diverse material specification requirements, SP Foundry offers an extensive range of materials.
  • Ductile Iron – ASTM A536, Grades 65-45-12, 60-40-18, 80-55-06, 100-70-03
  • ADI – ASTM A897, Grades 1-5
  • CGI – ASTM A842, Grades 250, 300, 350, 400, 450
  • Grey Iron – ASTM A48, Grades 25, 30, 35, 40


SP Foundry grinding department ensures your castings are precisely finished and meets product specifications. Additionally, finished products are gauged to insure compliance for further operations.

Finishing Operations Include
  • (1) Pangborn – 6′ Rotary table shot blast cleaner
  • (1) Pangborn – Spinner Hanger Blaster
  • (1) Wheelabrator – 34″ Tumbling shot blast cleaner
  • (2) Clemco – 6′ Room sand blast cleaner
  • (11) Top Cat – Cleaning Stations
Additionally, finished products are gauged to ensure the compliance for further operations.


At SP Foundry, quality starts with each individuals’ passion for excellence.

We believe that prevention of defects is more cost effective than detection. That’s why at SP Foundry we are continually raising our quality standards by utilizing control methods and technologies to meet every customer’s requirements.

SP FOUNDRY has been accredited with ISO 9001-2008 Quality management Systems’ certification by NSF International.

In addition, Pipe Fittings and Joint Restrainers manufactured by SP Foundry are certified by Underwriters laboratories and FM Global for design and performance compliance per AWWA and ASTM standards.

Also, Pipe fittings manufactured by SP Foundry are drinking water compatible and thereby certified by UL as per NSF 61 and NSF 372 standards.

All these agencies (NSF, UL, FM) carry out periodic surveillance audits at SP Foundry to ensure these standards are complied with.

Metallurgical Lab and Product Control

Testing in our advanced metallurgical lab assures the quality and chemistry of each casting component. Micro structure analysis on a Spectrometer ensures the castings produced always meet required specifications.

Test bars are poured and machined for testing the mechanical properties as per specified standards. Each part is marked with a heat code for complete traceability down to mold and impression numbers.

Sand Control

Sand properties are monitored with the Hartley Compactability Systems on each of our mold lines. The manual tests conducted in the lab serve as backup to those readings to insure the best quality molds are available for the castings to be poured.

Sand Laboratory:
  • (1) Dietert – Sand: Strength/Compression, Permeability, Clay, Sieve Analysis Testers
  • (1) Mettler – Gram scale and O’Haus – Electronic scale
  • (1) Blue M – Muffle furnace